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“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.” –John Muir



ABOUT #access2parks

One of the main reasons was created because of my love for parks and the great outdoors. I grew up camping and hiking, so I was connected to and influenced by nature. When I became paralyzed, I wondered: What’s possible now? What can I see and do?

I started to collecting park data for the website and related information, like nearby landmarks and where to stay, so I could remember where to go and not to go. Some places were not worth the effort and some were. The access 2 parks list on keeps growing because so many love the outdoors. There are more parks I want to see and more I keep returning to.  

Nature has always been important to me. It provides wisdom, strength and rejuvenation for life on this earth. Nature makes me a better person, and I know I am not alone; many others also love being outside. I am not advocating that parks be paved over in concrete, but there’s more access that can be reasonably created, cost-effective and inclusive while preserving the natural landscape.



The world is a big place, and I cannot cover it all alone. I need help. The more information we share, the more people can get out and enjoy life, and the companies will follow. If we express ourselves through action by showing what we want, there will be more hiking trails, outdoor activities, places to stay, and so on. 
Writers are wanted, paid and volunteers.



If you use this website to plan or book outdoor trips, and do not want to contribute a travel story, please donate some appreciation in the form of cash money to, so I may pay others to write. Thank you. 

Support the outdoors for all and partner with us, email for sponsorship details.

Flying with a Wheelchair

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