Overnight Lodging Accommodations for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Overnight Lodging Accommodations for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California National Parks are side by side in the Sierra Mountains, both with rich history, wildlife and natural marvels. Their sibling National Park, Yosemite, is just little further north.

Within these two parks are a few different overnight accommodations, including lodging and camping. It really just depends where you want to spend most of your time in the park, because getting around takes time.

Ash Mountain

The Ash Mountain area is located at the park’s southern most entrance, where there are two campgrounds. None of these campgrounds have showers, and the nearest place for food and supplies is the Giant Forest Village.

Potwisha Campground

  • Location: See campgrounds map.
  • Campsites: Sites #39 and #40 are designated as wheelchair accessible.
  • Campsite Amenities: Each of the campsites have paved surfaces, including a parking spot, an extra-large raised cooking grill, bear box for food storage, running water, and a picnic table. The picnic table does not have extended ends. The cooking grill is also used as the campfire.
  • Bathroom: A paved pathway leads from these two campsites to the bathroom on the other side of the road. On the way is a modified accessible drinking fountain. Inside the bathroom there is a flush toilet with grab-bars and a urinal. A roll-up sink is also provided, and the soap dispenser has been lowered for easier access. Just outside the bathroom is a washing station for dishes and so on. This sink has not been modified but may still be useable.
  • Trash and Recycling Cans: No modifications have been made to these cans. They are aligned at the edge of the road, but lifting the heavy lid to dispose of unwanted items is challenging.
  • Camp Circle Amphitheater: Near the entrance of the campgrounds is a small area used as camp circle or amphitheater. A dirt path leads to several wooden stumps to be used as seats surrounding a campfire. No modifications have been made.

Buckeye Flats Campground

  • Location: See campgrounds map.
  • Campsites: Site #20 is designated as being accessible.
  • Campsite Amenities: This campsite has a paved parking spot with a paved pathway at a slight incline leading to the site. The site itself is on a paved platform. Campers will find both a raised, extra-large cooking grill and a campfire fire-pit in the ground. In addition to a bear box for food storage, there is a modified picnic table with an extended end.
  • Bathrooms: A paved pathway leads from the campsite to the bathroom, and on the way is a modified accessible drinking fountain. Inside the bathroom is a flush toilet with grab-bars, a urinal, and a roll-up sink.
Giant Forest

Lodgepole Campgrounds and Village

  • Doors: The main doors at the Lodgepole Village are automatic, but side doors and laundry room are not.
  • Shopping: Gifts and other souvenirs are located at the village store and visitor center. The store also has food and basic supplies.
  • Desk: The cash register has been lowered at the village store to be accessible to the most people, but the desk at the visitor center has not.
  • Parking: Designated accessible parking spots are located near the entrance.
  • Visitor Center: The Lodgepole Village also has a NPS Visitor Center. Doors are not automatic, nor is the desk inside lowered at all, but there is a modified drinking fountain and movie theater with audio descriptive and listening devices available.
  • Food, Drinks and Supplies: The Lodgepole Village is nearby and has some camping food and basic supplies. There is also a restaurant inside, serving simple, diner food. There are tables with removable chairs are inside, but there are also picnic tables outside; one that has been modified for wheelchair accommodation.
  • Walter Fry Nature Center: Several handicapped parking spots are located by the nature center. A ramp in the back provides accessibility to wheelchairs, walkers and scooters.
  • Amphitheater and Movie Theater: A firm, paved, barrier-free footpath leads to the amphitheater that is basically level. It is possible to park close to the amphitheater. At the visitor center in the Lodgepole Village is a movie theater that plays a short film called “The Bears of Sequoia. Audio description and assistive listening devise are available.
  • Campsite: #62 is the official ADA campsite because of the level space and proximity to the bathrooms. A number of other campsites were also relatively flat with the same food storage box (bear box) and fire-pit/cooking grill. See campground map.
  • Showers: A private, roll-in shower located at the Lodgepole Village, but bringing your own bench or chair is recommended. This shower does have a changing bench, but it is far mounted far away from the handheld shower nozzle.
  • Bathrooms: A modified flush toilet with grab-bars is located near the designated accessible ADA campsite. Two roll-up sinks are at different heights with soap dispenser within reach for most.

Wuksachi Lodge

  • Lodge Parking: Even if staying at Wuksachi, you may have to drive to the main lodge restaurant after a long day. A few designated parking spaces are about 100 feet from the entrance.
  • Main Doors: Not automatic.
  • Check-in and Concierge Desks: No lowered section.
  • Restaurant and Bar: The restaurant is one of the nicest and most popular places to eat in both parks, so reservations are a good idea.
  • Gift Shop: A small store inside the main lodge has an assortment of items and gifts, many made in Alaska.
  • Trails/Pathways: Some of the pathways around the lodge have stairs, but there are multiple barrier-free routes. The route to the main lodge is also barrier-free, though there are slight inclines, and it is made up of wide, packed dirt.

Rooms Details
There are several ADA rooms at the Wuksachi Lodge, and all have roll-in showers. None of the buildings with rooms have automatic doors. Rooms have either one king bed or a queen bed.

  • Parking: 4 designated handicapped parking spots are located near the Stewart Building. A packed-dirt pathway takes guests from the parking lot to the rooms (a few 100 feet).
  • Main Door: There are two entranceways and are on a boardwalk; doors are not automatic.
  • Hallways: Are carpeted. 
  • Room Door: Has a lowered peephole to see who is at the door.
  • Bed: There is open access to either side of the bed.
  • Closet: Has a lowered section with connected clothes hangers. There is also an ironing board.
  • Curtain Rod: The window curtain rod has not been extended, but the height may still be accessed by many.
  • Bathroom Door: Has a lowered hook. The door slides and the door handle can be moved closed with a fist.
  • Shower: The roll-in shower has a padded, mounted bench with a hand-held shower nozzle. The shampoo and soap dispensers are also mounted but are located on the opposite side of the shower, out of reach of the bench. A shower towel hook is also located on the opposite side of the bench. There is also a small lip at the edge of the shower (not 100% seamless), which may disrupt balance.
  • Sink: Roll-up sink with an outlet nearby.
Grant Grove

The three campgrounds in Grant Grove are the Sunset Campground, Azalea Campground and Crystal Springs Campground. They are all located near the Grant Grove Village, and all offer tent and RV camping.

All three campgrounds have modified bathrooms and campsites, and have most of the same accessible modified features, such as the bathroom, raised fire-pit, level campsite, and barrier-free pathways. A bear-box for food items is also located on each site. The picnic tables have not been extended for wheelchair access, but they are placed on asphalt pads and have space on at least one end.

Many campsites that are not designated as ADA are still flat enough for many camping parties, but it’s just the pathway to the bathroom isn’t entirely to code.

In the Sunset Campground, sites #116 and #26 are designated accessible. In general, all the campsites were very close to one another. The accessible sites do not have a good spot for a tent. Trash cans have not been modified for better access.

Site #26 is on a slight slope and there’s a little section that is indented due to water runoff. It is also right next to the bathroom. At the Azalea Campground, site #30 has been modified as well as site F at the Crystal Springs Campground.

  • Bathrooms: Modified bathrooms are located near the accessible sites. Both have flush toilets and urinals as well as a roll-up sink and grab-bars. Maneuvering with a large power wheelchair is tight.
  • The Sunset Amphitheater: Located in the Grant Grove area, the amphitheater has ranger-led discussions during the summer. It is located near the Sunset Campgrounds. 
  • Public Showers: Not accessible. Located at the John Muir Cabins.
  • Grant Grove Cabins: No modified accessibility.

John Muir Lodge
Coming soon….

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove Lodge

  • Location: In the valley of Kings Canyon National Park along the river.
  • Parking: 3 spots closest to the entrance are designated as accessible, but only one has a crosshatch. The others are slightly wider than a regular spot, but getting in and out with a wheelchair is a challenge, if not impossible. A crosshatch, barrier-free walkway leads to the sidewalk in front of the lodge.
  • Entrance: A boardwalk wooden ramp (about 100 feet) leads to the door. The incline or grade is close to 8%, which can be tiring for manual wheelchairs. None of the doors into the lodge are automatic.
  • Food and Supplies: A small grocery store is located inside the lodge with snacks, small items and basic supplies. The cashier counter is also the check-in registration desk. Cedar Lodge also has a small diner-type restaurant, in which you order at a counter.
  • Tables: None of the tables inside the diner have been modified, but there is access for one wheelchair at the end, though it blocks the pathway in between the tables. A small bistro/café table is located right outside of the main doors, and chairs can be removed to accommodate two wheelchairs. Other tables on the patio and by the river are not accessible. At least one modified table is badly needed here.
  • Rooms: No cabins at Cedar Grove have been modified to be ADA accessible.

The Sentinel Campground is the only campsite in the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park. Overall, these sites are largest in the area and are most scenic, which is why this campground is recommended.

  • Cedar Grove Amphitheater: Is located at the entrance of the campgrounds. Parking for the amphitheater is at the Visitor Center (2 spots). From there, the amphitheater is about 50 yards away with some minor up and down inclines. At the amphitheater, there are paved spaces among the benches for campers using wheelchairs. 
  • Campsites: Campsites #10, #11, #12, and #14 are designated as accessible and clearly marked. Site #9 is displayed on camp maps as being accessible, but isn’t physically marked as such. This site is the closest to the modified accessible bathroom, with #14 being the furthest away. Each site includes lots of flat space for tents or camping gear, a picnic table with modified ends, and a raised fire-pit for cooking and campfires. Besides site #14, which looks out onto a meadow, the others are under redwoods.
  • Bathrooms: The one-room bathroom has a toilet with grab-bars, urinal and roll-up sink. Maneuvering in power wheelchairs is a little tight.
  • Visitor Center: Near the entrance to the campgrounds,there is a small visitor center where you will find two accessible parking spaces, a modified drinking fountain and bathrooms. The bathroom is located next to the visitor center and remains open even if the center is closed. This bathroom also has a washing station, though reaching the controls and deep inside the tub may be difficult.
  • Cedar Grove Showers: Located at the Cedar Grove Lodge, but the level of access is still to be determined. 
Sequoia National Forest

Stony Creek Village Lodge

  • Located: Off the General Highway between Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, technically in the Sequoia National Forest.
  • Lobby: No automatic doors and no modified desk.
  • Parking: There are a couple of designated parking spots located in front of the building, which has a ramp that leads around the back to get inside.
  • Rooms: Room #12 is the only ADA handicapped accessible room. It’s located on the ground floor with two queen beds and a roll-in shower.
  • Amenities: This village lodge has a simple pizza parlor restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. There is also a small grocery store, gift shop, ATM, and self-service gas station.

Montecito Sequoia Lodge

  • Located: Off the General Highway between Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, technically in the Sequoia National Forest. It is located at a small lake that guests can enjoy.
  • Parking: Designated parking is offered for the accommodations as well as at the other main sites on property.
  • Lobby: A ramp is located on the side of the small office building, but the door is not automatic.
  • Rooms: There are 3 different accessible overnight accommodations, and all three only have bathrooms with an ADA bathtub. The Lake View Suite has 1 king bed and 2 sets of bunk beds (sleeps up to 6 people). The Sugar Pine Cabin has 1 king bed and 1 set of bunk beds (sleeps up to 4 people). The Forest View Cabin is the largest cabin with 1 king bed on the ground floor, and has a kitchenette along with an upstairs with a half bathroom, 2 sets of bunks and a pull-out couch (sleeps up to 8 people).
  • Technology: There are NO televisions or phones in the rooms to emphasize the peaceful, natural surroundings of the park. Wi-Fi is available for guests, but is very limited.
  • Restaurant: There is a full restaurant and café on the property. If staying multiple nights, then all meals are included with the price, starting with dinner on the first day and breakfast on the last day. If only staying one night, lunch is not included.
  • Activities: No modifications have been made to any of the activity areas on-site, such as the pool, hot-tub or lake.

Hume Lake Lodge (Retreats Only)

  • Located: Off the General Highway between Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, technically in the Sequoia National Forest. It is located at a large lake that guests can enjoy. A couple of trails are moderately accessible.
  • Parking: Designated parking is offered for the accommodations, as well as at the other main sites on property. At the restaurant, there are 3 designated parking spots.
  • Rooms: For guests attending retreats, there are 10 dorm rooms and 2 lodge rooms that are ADA rooms with roll in showers.
  • Ponderosa Lodge and Bar: On-site there is a restaurant/bar for guests. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, plus there are addition tables by the pool and lake.
  • More Amenities: There is a gas station, general store with a US Post Office, a pool with access to picnic tables and a sand volleyball court in the same general area.

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