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IndeMedical.com is your online discount source for wheelchairs, urological supplies, and adaptive sports equipment.
As wheelchair users we understand the unique challenges people with disabilities face everyday. We have tested thousands of living aids, medical supplies, and adaptive sports products that enable us to live productive active lifestyles and our mission is to share this knowledge by promoting the most innovative products on the market while offering needed medical supplies at the lowest possible price.
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Apple West Medical Supplies
(888) 579-3765

Apple West is a specialized medical supply company, supporting those in long-term need of urology supplies (e.g., catheters). We aim to improve the daily routine of our clients’ bladder and bowel programs.

We are a Medicare approved vendor and accept most private insurance including cash-n-carry clients. Apple West works hard to manage as much of the paperwork and insurance process for our clients to reduce the administrative burden that often accompanies long-term care.

Call us today to see what we can do for you.

Portable Shower/Toilet Wheelchair ($50 off w/ code WT50)

Rick Goldstein is a c5-6 quad and has invented a portable commode/shower-chair because he was never able to find one anywhere and, hence, was never able to travel.  It is compact to travel with. The Go! Mobility Solutions: Portable Commode/Shower-Chair can expand to go over a bath tub lip or can sit as a regular shower-chair. See more photos and videos on the website.

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SoftWheel by Numotion

The SoftWheel by Numotion is a simple, yet revolutionary design to keep manual wheelchair rolling smoothly in everyday life. I have used other shock absorption options in the past, but they often add too much additional weight to the chair overall, so pushing yourself around gets harder, which is also more strain on your shoulders. With the SoftWheel, I wasn’t hindered by any additional weight.

Leaving my barrier-free home with Numotion wheels and out into the world, I noticed an instant change. My community walkway, which is covered in tiny rocks, no longer rattled me to the core. Often my face and hands would continue to vibrate after going over such a surface, but not this time. Plus, navigating over any small sidewalk bump or crack was absorb, keeping my momentum and energy flowing.

Being a long-term manual wheelchair user, I realize how important it is to keep your shoulders healthy, which means not only exercising them but also protecting them in daily activities to not overstrain. Why add more stress and pain to your body than need be? Take care of yourself for the long-term, however you can. A wheelchair should be the ultimate machine in getting you around with ease and safety.

There really is no better way to experience the SoftWheel difference than to give them a try. To help all manual wheelchair users experience the difference SoftWheel can offer, Numotion is offering a FREE one-week trial through ShopNumotion.com. Simply sign up, Numotion ships a pair and users enjoy! After the week, the wheels can be purchased, or sent back at no cost.

THE TECHNOLOGY: Three technologies separate the SoftWheel by Numotion system apart from other wheel and shock absorbers.

*In-wheel suspension: Suspension arms absorb more impact than traditionally suspended wheels. The shocks remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain, yet offer unparalleled cushioning on bumpy pavement or off-road, to go up or down curbs, and travel further. This minimizes pain after a day of usage. The suspension system absorbs shocks that were previously absorbed by you.

*Adaptive Rigidity: Adaptive Rigidity technology keeps the wheel’s three shocks perfectly rigid like spokes. When encountering a bumpy surface, they automatically transform into soft and responsive shocks. With less energy lost to frame vibration, impact to your body is reduced. Adaptive Rigidity makes the wheels do the work, so you save energy.

*Rapid Shock-Reset: Rapid Shock-Reset allows the shocks to quickly engage when needed on bumps and unstable terrain, but quickly return to offering a stable ride on smooth surfaces. This provides easier chair control so you aren’t accounting for every bump, the wheels do it for you.[/box]

Portable Power Wheelchair

Weighing only 50 pounds, the Smart Chair is the most convenient, innovative and portable mobility device on the market. For it’s light weight, it is also extremely durable, providing weight support to passengers of up to 265lbs.

Wheelchair Luggage Carrier by Quickie

The luggage carriers easily attaches to quickie wheelchairs (not the Q7) and conveniently folds up out of the way when not in use. Fold them down to carry your laptop bag, luggage, or whatever..whenever.

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Portable Shower Bench

This portable shower bench is perfect bathtubs while traveling and its size makes it easy to pack and carry.


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Have you ever said this while traveling “where do I carry my camera, my cell phone, my wallet” all while pushing my chair?

WHEELCHAIR GEAR helps solve your problems with exciting wheelchair accessories, awesome wheelchair bags, and handy mini packs. Our products make YOU look GOOD and never have that boring clinical look. Now stash ALL your stuff securely with smartly designed wheelchair bags and accessories.

NEW PRODUCTS You’ll LOVE: See “The Pack Rat” Wheelchair Backpack and “The No-Slip Grip-Clip” that puts an end to home made contraptions and duct tape.

Check-out the full story today!

TNT Portable Hand Controls

TNT Portable Hand Controls allows drivers with little or no use of their legs and feet the freedom to drive any vehicle.


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Christoper Reeve Foundation
636 Morris Turnpike Suite 3A Short Hills, NJ 07078

The Christoper Reeve Foundation is multi-level organization focused on the rehabilitation for those with a spinal cord injury. There are all kinds of tips and advice for those living with a spinal cord injury, including this free guide book.

P.O. Box 7334 Prospect Heights, IL 60070-7334

BACKBONES is providing free support for people with spinal cord injury and their families. We encourage growth by the sharing of experiences and ideas.

PN Online

PN Online is magazine “for better wheelchair living,” operated by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Disability Today Network

The Disability Today Network is a community of internet and social media users. An online village like no other; we’re the disability community’s social media network. We are an online disability “expo” of information of special interest to people with disabilities, their families and healthcare professionals. Developed by Disability Today Publishing Group, Inc., a community pioneer and leader for people with disabilities for over 24 years, the DT Network is connecting our community in a revolutionary new way through compelling content and the power of the internet and social media.

Affordable Child Wheelchairs
60 Ben Gurion St. Kfar Saba 4420411 Israel
972 -52- 4288437
972 -9 -7652983

Wheelchairs of Hope is a nonprofit initiative to develop, design, manufacture and provide a wheelchair to children in need of mobility. Our wheelchair is specifically designed for children as we wish to empower education through mobility. Mobility from early childhood is a gate to education. It is the basis for self- confidence and independence. By giving access to education we create a new generation with better skills, confidence and hope.

Sure-Grip Spinner Knob

The Sure-Grip Spinner Knob from IndeMedical.com provides a easy and secure way for users to turn a steering wheel with one hand, leaving the other hand free to effectively operate hand-controls.


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