Argentina Wheelchair Access Tips

Argentina Wheelchair Access Tips

Argentina is becoming an accessible destination to come and visit

Argentina is a magnificent country that deserves to visit and enjoy it. Being the most accessible country in South America , it has the perfect combination between cities and natural paradises. It is a very extensive country of great natural and cultural wealth. You will find lakes, sea, mountains, desert, jungle, fields and also big cities. Its capital is the City of Buenos Aires where it is the seat of Government and the Congress. It has a great offer of sites accessible to know with a great cultural, architectural and gastronomic wealth. There are many museums and theaters accessible.

 You can also visit the Iguazu Water Falls which are one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the only one that is fully adapted for all types of visitors. Nowadays 90% of the routes that can be made by the natural area allow total mobility for the tourists in wheelchairs. A person who moves in a wheelchair can travel all the facilities, walks and services without any inconvenience since descending from the vehicle that transports him to the park, until he retires from it. It is worth visiting as it will be a unique experience.

Only three hours from the capital you can go to the hot springs to relax and have a good time. The thermal baths of Villa Elisa and Federación are fully accessible and offer facilities for people with disabilities.

In summer you can visit the beach on the Atlantic Coast just 400 km from the city of Buenos Aires . There is the city of Mar del Plata that offers beaches accessible for users in wheelchairs. Spas offer amphibious chairs to bathe in the sea.

The cities of San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche, Calafate and Ushuaia will be able to cross the Patagonia . There are many walks, national parks, mountains, lakes and activities accessible for wheelchairs. In Calafate is the Perito Moreno glacier, one of the most beautiful natural paradises in the world. There it offers accessible walkways to go without problems. Ushuaia is the southern most city in the world with natural beauties worth knowing.

The city of Puerto Madryn is southwest of the country and is one of the most accessible cities in our country. Whales, penguins and sea lions can be visited. There are nature reserves with local wildlife.

In relation to accommodation, there are many variety of hotels that offer rooms accessible to wheelchair users. Not only the most luxurious hotels but also cheaper hotels.

Argentina is a country that has been developing more and more accessible tourism. Both tourism destinations and tourism companies are investing in accessibility. Accessibility here not only helps people with a wheelchair. Also for the elderly and parents with strollers.

I recommend coming to visit my country and I assure you that you will have a great stay. It is a country to travel without limits and without barriers.

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I´m Miguel Tacconi and from Buenos Aires Argentina. I studied business management and I love to travel. I´m the owner of Vias Accesibles a web site that provides information of accessible tourism in Argentina. I also organize trips for people with disabilities. Visit www.viasaccesibles.com.ar for info on wheelchair travel in Argentina.

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